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Humbug candies by Stilwells:

Richard & Constance Stilwell brought their secret and original recipe for Humbugs with them when they moved to Montreal from England in 1909. Richard Stilwell, who was also a violinist, lost his job and in order to keep his family going, started to make Humbugs in 1914.  The Stilwell family incorporated Stilwells in 1927 and started to make a wide variety of products including fudge and other chocolates made by their eldest daughter Gladys. Stilwells opened its first store in Verdun in 1933 and then moved the business to Centrale Street in Lasalle, in the late 90’s. In 2010 Stilwells closed its store, but Lorne Jenkins kept making limited amounts of Humbugs for loyal customers.

In August 2013, it appeared that the supply of these wonderful candies was in serious danger of being cut off forever and so, after discussions with both Lorne Jenkins and my wife Toni, who owns the wonderful store called, Le Panier, located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, we decided to step in to help revitalize the company.

We are starting to bring back some of the original flavours perfected by Richard & Constance all those years ago.  These flavours included Spearmint, Wintergreen, Caramel, Butterscotch, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Polish Toffee, Licorice, Lemon and Maple candies.

Humbugs and our other traditional candies are still handmade which accounts for the candies being different sizes. By the way it is true…we actually do use fresh Creamery Butter in our Humbugs! The Original Stilwells Humbugs™ are sold across Canada and around the world to fans from as far away as Europe, Russia, China and Japan.